Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

Beard and mustache, effects the position of the person in social life as it does the same in hair. Element in the social life of the beard and mustache that determines the appearance of the person, if it is not found enough in person, you can get help from specialists about the subject.

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About Beard Transplantation

Total Process Duration3 Days
Operation Duration3-5 Hours
AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia, Sedation
Certain Result Duration4-6 Months
Success Rate%96
Who can makeAny person who is over 18 and does not have any sickness
Operation RisksThere are not any existing risks
Recovery Duration7-10 Days

What is Beard Transplant ?

The planting process starts with the doctor as it is in all other planting operations. There are two important points during this examination. First, the area required for sowing is determined, and secondly, how many grafts can be taken from the donor area is evaluated. During the operation, planting is carried out considering the growth direction of the beards. The operation consists of two main parts. First, the donor area is purchased with roots and the plantation of hair follicles is performed in the area needed afterwards. After the beard planting process, you will soon observe the effect of the healthy and lush beards on your outer appearance. After that you want to look at yourself and your beards much more than ever, in peace with the mirrors

Beard Transplantation Prices for Turkey

As in every sector, there are various factors affect prices in the beard plantation sector. The person who wants to beard plantation makes research. After a while, the person's head starts to mess up because of the different prices he gets. This is quite normal. Those who want to make a beard plantation want to know how much the price of beard plantation is and determine their budget accordingly. But there is no clear price. Each beard planting center implements different price policies. But there are some basic factors that all take as basis.

Beard Transplantation In Istanbul

Beard and mustache planting has increased considerably in recent years. In simple terms, it is like a hair plant. But it is applied to the face region. It can create psychological problems in the absence or loss of beards and mustaches, which are symbols for men. It is not helpless for those who are experiencing this problem.

The beard transplantation is performed under local anesthesia and sedation and takes approximately 2-5 hours. The procedure is generally painless. After the procedure, tiny crusts may form around the transplanted roots, which is normal. The planting area must be kept absolutely dry. First rule in beard transplantation; 10 days after the procedure is not to be shaved.

Frequently Asked Questions For Beard Transplant

Who is a candidate for a Beard - Moustache Transplantation?

The most common reasons that transport is needed for people who have bald or sparse and scattered beard. Beard cultivation, can be done when the hormones are settled in basal levels starting from the age of 20-22. In addition, this process is preferred for men who want to extend their favorites, liking the two-day beard, but being irregular or incomplete. As well as those without any beard, it can be applied to the ones who have empty pieces in the grown area. Likewise, it is the same as for men who has very sparse or non-mustache.

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