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Labiaplasty (Vaginal Rejuvenation) Operation – All Details

Labiaplasty, vulval surgery, or vaginal rejuvenation is a medical procedure that aims to decrease the size or adjust the appearance of the labia minora and majora. Designer vagina surgery is another term used for labiaplasty.

What Are the Reasons for Labiaplasty?

The shape and size of the labia are as unique as eye color or fingerprints. Nevertheless, when a woman’s labia are unusually elongated, the excess tissue can create trouble or function usually. Childbirth, aging, or genetics are some of the significant causes of enlarged labia.

There are numerous reasons as to why females prefer to have the operation. First, women experiencing an enlarged labia encounter trouble with training, hygiene, urinary tract infections, sexual activity, and different physical exercise. Moreover, with the growing trend of wearing yoga pants, workout pants, and swimming suits, an enlarged labium can make it challenging for women to wear such clothes.

These reasons and others are what females consider when choosing a labiaplasty. This procedure enhances the aesthetic look of the labia by improving the size and shape.

The operation can solve this is through the removal of excess tissue from the inner lips. Furthermore, the surgery intends to lessen the extent that the inner lips hang down below the hairy outer lips’ level. It can also be an alternative for women where one side is longer than the other and want this asymmetry fixed.

What are the Methods used for labiaplasty?

The Trim or Strip Method

The trim method is the most popular procedure. After making a tiny vertical incision with a scalpel or laser along the length of the labia minora, the surgeon will remove any excess tissue in the area.

The fittest patients for this method seek to remove long, asymmetric edges of the labia. Moreover, it is practical for those who have some mismatch in skin color around their labia.

Wedge Procedure

The wedge technique is the latest option to trim labiaplasty. With this method, the surgeon removes a V-shaped wedge from both sides of the labia and then stitches the remaining edges together. This method gives the vagina a natural look after the operation as well.

De-epithelialization Method

In this method, the surgeon will remove the excess tissue that lines the labia using a scalpel or laser. Then the surgeon will use stitches to close the area.

How is A Labiaplasty Operation Performed?

Labiaplasty operation takes between one to two hours. In the introductory meeting, the surgeon will go through the labiaplasty procedure steps with the patients and clarify any issues. The surgeon will also guide the patients on what to consume or drink and which medications before your surgery.

A labiaplasty can be operated under general anesthesia, which puts the patients in sleep before the medical operation. Local anesthesia is another option both for the patients and the surgeon after the consultation. Through local anesthesia, the surgery area will be numb, so the patients will not feel anything. After completing the operation, the surgeon will close the incisions using dissolvable stitches or glue.

Once the operation is over, the patients can return home the same day. However, sometimes, the patients may need to spend one night in the hospital to feel in a dizzy-like state. But this problem will go away in a couple of hours.

How to Prepare for Labiaplasty?

Before the patients arrive for the operation, arranging a few things will make it more manageable to return home after the surgery.

Since the patients will be sensitive and may feel a bit dizzy, they will be incapable of driving shortly after the procedure. Hence, it is the best option to arrange for someone to take the patients from the hospital.

The patients may want to ask for help from their family and friends to clean the house, doing the laundry, or taking care of young children for a few days after the surgery. Patients should keep in mind to not lift large bags in recovery. Therefore, they may prefer to go shopping before you check-in for your operation.

Smoking multiplies the setbacks of complications. It also reduces the healing process. Therefore, the surgeon will suggest that the patients are smoke-free for at least six weeks before and after the procedure.

Things to Be Careful About After the Surgery

If the patients have a general anesthetic, the patients may feel a little tired after the operation. Tiredness is entirely normal and will resolve after a couple of hours. Alternatively, if the patients have a local anesthetic, they may find the treatment area numb. Numbness will also go away after a few hours. Besides, it is possible to find the treatment area to feel a little sore for the first few days.

To ensure the patients have had time to rest and recover fully, they will need to take off a full week, depending on their role and status.

In any case, it is essential to take things slow. The best option will be to not participate in the daily activities for at least two days. In the first two weeks, there is a chance of increasing the swelling around the treatment area after aerobic activity. Hence, it is vital not to participate in any exercises or sports. After two weeks, the patients can begin to do light exercises such as gentle walks. After one month, all activities should be possible again. The patients may also need to avoid horse riding or cycling due to the friction caused in the treatment area.

In addition to exercises and sports, the patients must avoid sexual intercourse for at least a month since it may affect your labia’s healing. They should also refrain from the use of tampons during the healing process for simple reasons.

To reduce friction and rub against the wounds, the patients should wear comfortable and not-tight underwear and trousers to increase your comfort.

Additionally, the patients will encounter some bleeding for about a week after surgery. Bleeding is entirely natural and a sign of healing. Hence, it is the best option to wear soft towels for this period. The patients will also experience some bruising and swelling, which should resolve in a couple of weeks. Over this time, the patients should give a proper clean their vaginal area and avoid rubbing.

What Is the Cost of Labiaplasty?

The average cost of a labiaplasty is $2,924, according to 2018 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This average cost is only part of the total price. It does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities, or other related expenses. Please consult with your plastic surgeon’s office to determine your final fee.

In the UK, labial reduction costs anywhere from £1,500 to £5,000 from a private healthcare provider. The average labiaplasty price is around £2,200.

In Turkey, the general procedure of labiaplasty surgery approximately cost $1,200, including the additional fees of anesthesia or other expenses. However, patients may get to pay around $4,500 for labiaplasty in the Middle East, which is much more expensive than the rest of the world.

The wide price range is due to factors such as the location of the hospital, as well as the aftercare package included in the price.

Like many elective surgeries, the price can be a deciding factor for many labial reduction patients. However, some private providers charge patients extra for integral services before and after labiaplasty like the initial consultation and even post operative check-ups.

Does The Labiaplasty Method Used Affect The Cost?

Labiaplasty can be performed using a range of methods that vary depending on each patient’s unique characteristics. The procedure’s cost is not affected by the method or the techniques used to perform the operation.

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