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Your Full Guide of Ingrown Hair

In this article, we will be answering mostly asked questions about ingrown hair. Ingrown hair means that hair that is growing on opposite sides of the skin. This situation occurs mostly with males, not women. Ingrown hair is a temporary problem most of the time but it gives the patient pain, and also it can cause inflammation.

How the ingrown hair situation occurs? 

It can happen anytime. At some point, shaved or tweezed hair starts to grow under the skin. Normally, the hair grows above the skin, but in this situation, hair grows back into the skin. The sharp tip of the hair curls the backside of the skin and starts growing inside. After an ingrown hair situation occurs, the person affected by it must be careful about it. An ingrown hair problem physically looks like a pink dot or bump under the skin. Part of the ingrown hair also can be seen under the skin.

How are Ingrown hairs treated on the body? 

First of all, a person who is having an ingrown hair problem must wash his or her hands before doing any treatment to it. Hygiene is significant at this point because it can be an infection, and might spread.

Before doing anything, the patient must not be removing any hair in that specific area and also around it. Waxing or plucking might cause bigger problems.

After the ingrown hair problem occurs, the patient must place some warm compresses on the area where the problem exists. This treatment will relieve the place around the ingrown hair.

After the relief, the patient must pull the hair, and it must be gentle and calm.

The skin might be changed to a different color because of the ingrown hair. Dead skin around the hair must be clean. So cleaning the dead skin around is necessary.

Inflammation can cause a problem after cleaning the dead skin around the ingrown hair, and using antibiotic creams might help for reducing the inflammation state. Also, using medicine with retinoid helps to get better.

How do you get a deep ingrown hair out? 

If the ingrown hair comes from more deeps of the skin, it could not be mild. It might be hard to get over it. There is a couple of things to do.

  • After putting warm compresses and relieving the surface of the ingrown hair, you must begin peeling gently.
  • After peeling some of the skin, keep compressing a warm towel to the area. Towel soaks the inflammation of the ingrown hair.
  • Start to remove the hair with a needle or tweezer, but the material must be sterile. While removing the hair, the patient must be careful.
  • So when the ingrown hair comes off, wash and clean the area to keep it healthy.

What will happen if an Ingrown hair goes untreated? 

As we mentioned above, ingrown hairs are not deadly, and it can be removed with the right treatment. They are also not dangerous but the problem is they can be very painful.

Ingrown hair could cause terrible pain, and if it stays without any treatment, the situation might get worse.

How do you get rid of ingrown hairs at home? 

There is enough material in the home to get the right treatment for ingrown hair. We mentioned how to remove ingrown hair from the body, but at home, the patient can use antibiotic creams, acne creams, and also tea tree oil soak. These medicines might be useful for removing the hair.

Will an ingrown hair go away on its own? 

The ingrown hair problem is not permanent. Usually, they occur like a pink bump, and some of the hair can go away after a while. Skin can renew itself.

When should I go to the doctor for ingrown hair?

The patient can deal with most of the mild Ingrown hair situations without professional help. But in some cases, medical treatments are necessary. If the patient does the right cleaning treatment as we said above, and nothing happens after a couple of days, or it’s getting worse day by day, he or she should consider visiting the doctor for a physical examination of the skin. With the identification of the problem, this situation can be healed quickly. For further questions and information about ingrown hair, Natural Clinic is pleased to answer your questions. You can fill the form from our website, or you can call Natural Clinic for information.

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