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What Is The Difference Between Eyebrow Microblading And Eyebrow Transplant?

For years, there have always been several techniques to treat alopecia in the eyebrows. Eyebrow losses can happen due to multiple reasons that affect people’s hair roots. Doctors and plastic surgeons worldwide have discovered eyebrow microblading and eyebrow transplant methods to treat eyebrow loss and help the patient gain their thick and attractive eyebrow shape back.

What Is Brow Microblading?

Eyebrow microblading is a process that involves tiny, fine-point needles that make up a small disposable blade and handle to scratch and deposit pigment simultaneously under your skin.

Thanks to the instrument used, which is effectively like a pen with the nib being a sloped blade with 10-12 tiny needles at the end, the process is rapid. The needles used do not penetrate the skin, but they scratch the surface delicately, much like a paper cut.

The needle implants featherweight strokes very finely on the skin’s epidermis layer with a medical-grade pigment, creating subtle, realistic, and natural hair strokes.

Can Microblading Be Considered As Eyebrow Tattoo?

This depends on how you characterize tattooing. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing, unlike tattoos that last forever. Plastic surgeons use a hand tool for microblading, which allows them to create a thinner, more precise, hair-like stroke that is not as deeply embedded in the skin. The pigment also differs from a tattoo because it is only semi-permanent, meaning that it eventually ends up being metabolized by your body, so it fades away. The dye particles are less concentrated than in the ink of a traditional tattoo in microblading ink.

How Are Microblading Eyebrows Different To Having Your Brows Tattooed?

In contrast to tattooing, microblading is not in the deep skin layer but more on the surface. This is also not permanent, and within 18 months, the color fades.

As a handheld needle is used, the hair strokes are far more natural and more refined than any tattoo. In this technique, there is no electric gadget that permeates deeply. Thus, the skin is deeply pierced by more of a scratching noise than a buzzing tattoo gun.

What Is Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic procedure that requires the hair to be removed from the donor area and transplanted to the desired location, just like the hair transplant operation. Many women that suffer from sparse or disproportionate eyebrow problems frequently resort to eyebrow transplantation.

Can You Be Allergic To Microblading?

Some people are sensitive and allergic to some pigments, but this is extremely rare in my experience. Plastic surgeons will always perform a patch or scratch test to check you are not allergic before the treatment.

How Long Does Microblading Last?

Microblading lasts anywhere from 12-18 months, but the longevity of the pigment will depend on your type of skin.

Before needing a top-up, people with slightly more oily skin will tend to last around the 12-month mark, but those with normal skin can last up to 18 months.

When you do not continue with top-ups every 18 months or so, your brows will eventually fade away. There is no scarring or discoloration with the pigments used, so you would not know if you left them to fade out.

Does Microblading Hurt?

It does not hurt as such. It is more of a sensation. Thanks to the numbing ointment that is performed, the process itself is not painful. It is sometimes the sound of the blade that is worse for people.

The whole process is rapid. It is the numbing which takes most of the time.

Can Microbladed Eyebrows Be Undone?

Yes. The pigment used leaves no scarring or discoloration. Therefore, plastic surgeons can use a salt or saline solution to remove microbladed brows.

It is essential to know that brows will be up to 40% darker in the shade for the first two weeks during the healing process, where scabs can form and flake off.

Preoperative and Postoperative Care For Microblading

  • Do not pick or wax one week before.
  • Do not sit in direct sunlight.
  • Do not peel your skin two weeks before.
  • No vigorous exercising.
  • Do not have Botox treatment three weeks before.
  • Do not take blood thinners.

On The Day

  • Do not consume alcohol before your appointment.
  • Do not consume coffee two hours before.
  • Do not take aspirin 24 hours earlier.

The Post-Microblading Rules

First Week

  • Gently wash your eyebrows with water and an antibacterial. Ensure all soap is rinsed away and dry by gently patting with a tissue.
  • Do not use any cleansers containing acids.
  • Use a minimal amount of coconut oil to each brow.

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