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The Full Guide of Breast Reconstruction

The importance of breasts for women is indisputable. When you are happy with how they look in terms of aesthetics, it is both a source of motivation and a factor of self-confidence. If you want the breast reconstruction procedure for any reason, there are many important things that should be considered by patients who want to consult a doctor about the breast reconstruction procedure. In this blog post, we will talk about breast reconstruction and breast reconstruction surgery with implants.

What is breast reconstruction?

This procedure is divided into two as tissue-enhancing reconstruction and tissue transfer in the patient. Breast reconstruction, also known as breast repair, is a surgery to repair the breast that has been removed due to breast cancer or a similar disease. It positively affects psychology and helps patients to eliminate post-mastectomy, which can occur after mastectomy, and in some cases can even help them to never experience it. With today’s technology, it is possible to make breasts with a natural breast appearance.

Who are good candidates for breast reconstruction?

It is known that every patient who had a mastectomy is eligible for reconstruction. Unless there is any danger or risk, all of the female patients are candidates for this surgery.

How to do the reconstruction in breast cancer treatment?

It is not uncommon for patients struggling with breast cancer to have a cancerous breast removed by mastectomy and as a precaution, removing cancer-free breasts too. In fact, this procedure can be a useful decision for cancer not to recur. In the light of current knowledge, breast reconstruction does not negatively affect breast cancer treatment. While radiotherapy or chemotherapy is applied during the fight against cancer, it won’t cause any damage to the reconstructed breast.

Who are the best candidates for prosthetic breast repair?

There are some criteria sought in patients for breast repair possible with implant or prosthesis. These criteria, which may vary according to each patient, are as follows:

● If the patient has undergone a protective or prophylactic mastectomy,

● If double-sided reconstruction is planning to be done,

● If the reconstruction made with the patient’s own body tissue, which is another type of breast reconstruction operation, is not suitable,

● If the breast and breast have not received radiotherapy,

● If the breast tissue area is not infected and is not badly scarred, it is considered a suitable candidate for silicone breast prosthesis.

Why is implant breast repair preferred?

In addition to the criteria we have explained above, the patient’s preference can also be effective. If the patient does not want a long-term surgery and will prefer an easier surgery, the implant can be chosen for breast repair.

In addition to these, after the prosthetic breast is made, the patient will be able to easily return to his normal life and will not have a scar (except for the scar left from the mastectomy).

What are the disadvantages of silicone breast prostheses?

 As with any operation, if silicone is preferred during breast reconstruction, there may be some risks and drawbacks. With a good specialist, these risks can be minimized.

  • Silicones may not work well. This will not make the patient happy in terms of aesthetics.
  • There may be a risk of infection.
  • Again, problems such as aesthetic asymmetry or slippage may be encountered.

What happens if breast repair is not done?

Breast cancer causes great psychological effects on patients. The patient may feel more introverted and unwilling to society. Also, the removal of the breast may cause the patient to feel incomplete mentally and physically. Breast reconstruction does not have any of the health effects if not done. However, after this operation, patients will feel much better emotionally and will be free from thoughts of depression.

How is it decided which method to use in breast repair?

As we mentioned in the upper sections of our article, there are many factors that affect the selection of breast repair performed. Many criteria such as the methods preferred in cancer treatment (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.), tumor stage, age, or breast size are evaluated by your doctor. After that, the appropriate reconstruction will be specified and the doctor and the patient will decide together.

When is the best time for breast repair?

Apart from breast repair operations that can be performed with mastectomy, the surgery can be decided after the patient feels ready. You can reach Natural Hair 24/7 by phone or request support by filling out the form on our website for inquiries and appointments about breast repair with implants.


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