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Your Optimal Guide to Learn About Beard Transplant Surgery.

Beard transplantation is a medical treatment in which healthy and strong hair follicles from an area of the person’s body are surgically removed. Then harvested healthy hair follicles are transplanted into areas lacking a sufficient amount of hair and hair follicles.

Technically beard transplantation is not different from hair transplantation conducted on the area where the beard is supposed to grow. Therefore, there are no techniques or methods explicitly developed for beard transplantation. However, since the face is a much more delicate area covered with nerves, veins, and muscles, surgeons often advise only the most precise hair transplantation methods.

The human face has a very complex muscular system called the mimetic muscles. A nervous structure controls this complex system of muscles. Considering there are 43 mimetic muscles that are only related to the expression of smiling, the precision needed to carry on with the operation without damaging it. And crucial nerves or muscles would be more clearly revealed.

The Methods Used for Beard Transplant

Since the face area is complex and delicate, not all hair transplantation methods are suitable for a beard transplantation operation. Surgeons and experts prefer only the most precise of the developed methods for face-based hair transplantation operation.

DHI Beard Transplantation Method

Up until recent years, the FUE technique was the most preferred method for beard transplantation operations. With the most advanced transplantation techniques, the FUE method has lost its popularity due to possible setbacks that the operation may have. Therefore, the DHI hair transplantation method is preferred during beard transplantation operations since it is the most precise and delicate procedure.

DHI transplantation is also preferred because it eliminates many setbacks that come with the FUE method. Another reason for the DHI technique to be considered superior to FUE is that hair follicles spend much less time outside the skin. This fact alone increases the chances of the follicles to firmly attach to the skin permanently, yielding a much less transplanted follicle wastage ratio compared to the FUE technique.

FUE Beard Transplantation Method

Although not as precise and delicate as the DHI technique, the FUE technique is still used and applied for beard transplantation because of the time, budget, and expertise aspects of the operation. However, many skilled experts tend to prefer and advise using more precise methods.

Which Method is Better?

It would not be right to say that one technique is superior or better than another. It is true that the DHI technique is newer and has advantages compared to the FUE technique. Still, the condition of each patient is unique and should be evaluated in itself. The important thing is choosing the most suitable method for the patient’s condition, has as little risk as possible, and will give the closest result to the intended view. Besides, requirements may vary, such as budget, duration of operation, various other patient conditions, and which method the hair transplant specialist will suggest when the conditions are considered.

For comparison, the DHI method relies a little more on the expertise and skill of the beard transplant. Since the collected roots are planted directly in the planting area, the hair roots are kept less outside the skin. However, the DHI beard transplantation method is a labor-intensive method. Total operation time is generally longer. Since it is a slightly more sensitive method, the planted roots’ angle and frequency can be adjusted more finely. When done by a highly experienced specialist, DHI beard transplantation creates an extremely natural look.

The main difference is opening the channels or pores where the follicles will be planted by a specialist before transplanting the collected hair follicles. Due to the methods and devices used, it is a little more independent from the specialist’s level of experience who sowed. Although the process’s total duration is shorter than the DHI method, the follicles are kept in a protective solution during the opening of the sowing pores in the FUE method and spend more time outside the skin.

How Much Does a Beard Transplant Operation Cost?

Turkey is one of the most cost-effective destinations concerning health and medical services. Besides pricing, Turkey offers the highly advanced and most professional expertise to its clients. Many internationally accredited surgeons and institutions provide health and medical services at very competitive prices.

Inexperienced surgeons may leave scar during cosmetic or plastic surgery on the patient. That’s why Turkey’s advantage of developed infrastructure and trained personnel become prominent, especially with the prices it can offer.

Being one of the top destinations for medical tourism, Turkey has a booming, cost-effective, and high-end health and medical services industry. Completed with internationally accredited surgeons and experts with near celebrity level reputations, a reliable infrastructure, and very affordable prices, the health and medical services industry in Turkey quickly offers very high-end services, high standards with very cost-competitive prices.

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