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The Full Guide of Vaser Liposuction

In this blog article, we will be explaining about Vaser liposuction and questions, worries, or wonders about it. It is a surgery that helps to remove fat from specific areas of the body. It is very effective for losing weight.

What is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser Liposuction is an updated version of Liposuction. It is more efficient compared to normal liposuction treatment. Vaser liposuction treatment progress is similar to the original liposuction treatment. But there is a difference between Vaser liposuction and normal liposuction and it is the Ultrasound.

Using ultrasound in Vaser liposuction helps the treatment to be more effective.

What are the differences between liposuction and Vaser liposuction?

  • Vaser liposuction treatment uses an ultrasound technique for the fat cells around the body. When fats became liquid during the process, there are no scars, or stains to be seen, unlike normal liposuction. Vaser liposuction is only for fat cells, its ultrasound effect focuses on only fat cells, and that’s why Vaser liposuction is more effective than normal liposuction.
  • Normal liposuction treatment might cause damage to stem cells. During and after Vaser liposuction, the patient feels less pain, swelling, and bruising. And that’s the reason why the patient goes back to the normal life more quickly.
  •  Vaser liposuction also helps for fat injections. If necessary, fat injections also available.

Who must get Vaser liposuction treatment?

Sometimes fats might be harder to get rid of. Because of the nature of fats, some type of them is hard to burn with some sports, or diet methods. Also when the patient has fats on his/her’s face area, Vaser liposuction can be effective and helpful to lose fats. After hardworking and doing exercises daily, the patient might not be satisfied with the results. Fats in the body might not be dispersed equally. In that case, Vaser liposuction treatment helps to balance the body shape.

In which areas is Vaser liposuction applied?

Vaser liposuction can be applied almost everywhere. It is most effective in most fatty areas of the body. Legs, knees, abdomen, waist, and breasts are examples of this treatment.

How to anesthetize for Vaser liposuction?

There is essential progress for the Vaser liposuction. Local anesthesia is mostly used for small areas like a part of the body. With local anesthesia, there is also little sedatives that might be given to the patient. If there is a big operation on the body. General anesthesia can be used as well.

When the patient can back to normal life after the Vaser liposuction?

After the operation of Vaser liposuction, if everything about the patient’s health is fine, he or she can go home after 4-5 hours of resting in the clinic. Also patient can bathe after 1-2 days later. Approximately one week later, the patient can back to his or her’s normal daily life routine.

What should be considered after Vaser liposuction?

After the operation of Vaser liposuction, the patient might feel little pain. After the operation patient must rest and drink water regularly. Also using a corset for 2 or 3 days helps to overcome edemas in the body. Exercise regularly and also eating healthy helps to restore health quickly.

Is Vaser liposuction treatment harmful?

The operation of Vaser liposuction uses only shaping the body. It is very trustworthy and effective. Also harmless for the body. But the operation should be done in a health center with adequate equipment and hygiene.

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