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The most frequent question about hair transplant: Is it permanent?

There are many questions and concerns about hair transplantation. After a smooth operation performed by an expert surgeon, patients should also take care of the transplanted area on their body attentively. Of course, during post-operative service, doctors and nurses provide detailed information to patients in this respect. However, a person who is considering and researching hair transplantation encounters many different opinions on the internet. As Natural Hair, we would like to enlighten hair transplantation and answer the question of ‘Is hair transplant permanent?‘

What is hair transplantation surgery?

Women and men experience hair loss due to many different genetic reasons. To prevent hair loss at an early stage, more effective medical treatments might be useful. However, in some cases, hair loss causes major changes in appearance. It should be known that hair transplantation is a common operation preferred by thousands of people. The transfer of healthy hair to the required area is called hair transplantation surgery. Surgeons of Natural Hair use the latest and modern techniques in the field of hair transplantation and do this surgery with the best equipment. There will be a hundred percent increase in your appearance after a hair transplant. Even so, the important thing is the permanence rate of this outward appearance.

Best candidates for hair transplant

There are a lot of reasons for patients to consider if they are suitable for hair transplantation surgery.

  •  If the problem of hair loss does not get better with special products such as shampoo or hair cream,
  • If you are a man or woman whose hair does not grow due to genetic reasons or whose hair already been shed
  • If you suffer from hair loss due to skin diseases such as eczema and fungus,
  • If you are under stress and have major hair loss problems due to psychological disorders such as depression,
  • If you are a woman with postpartum hair loss,
  • If you are experiencing hair loss due to vitamin and mineral deficiency, you can consider hair transplantation surgery, and consult the expert doctors of Natural Hair.

Is being suitable enough to receive this operation?

Although suitable candidates for hair transplantation are listed, there are some criteria for this surgery. People with a sufficient amount of hair on the side and back of the head can undergo this surgery. However, people with healthy hair in areas such as chest or legs are also advantageous in hair transplants.

Is a hair transplant look natural after surgery?

Technology has been developed so much that from the last decade to today, there are a lot of brand new and more efficient methods that hair transplantation is performed with. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes. After the operation, the new hair transplanted will look very natural.

How long will post-operative services take?

After the meticulous and attentive care in the Natural Hair Hospital, you will be able to return to your normal life within a few days.,

Is a hair transplant permanent?

The answer is, yes. After receiving hair transplant surgery and the healing process, there will be no difference between transferred hair and the natural ones. They will grow and take shape naturally. Within 2-3 months, you will be fully recovered and do not feel any side effects like swelling.

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