What kind of changes are available in hair transplantation in 2018?

What kind of changes are available in hair transplantation in 2018?

Hair transplantation” operation, the newest trend in health tourism, is very popular today. Everyone has some certain questions in their minds related to the hair transplantation procedure that gives an absolute result against hair loss and baldness. You make a decision after your in-depth investigations and you let the doctor to do the procedure. It is very important that you do not make a decision that you will regret later. Therefore, you should not hurry and act after you are sure about it.

You are so lucky that the hair transplantation procedure, which keeps pace with the quickly advancing technology, appears with the most advanced version today. For example, although it’s been still used, there is also an earlier method for hair transplantation procedure: Fut Technique where the hair follicles are transplanted not one by one, but as a whole. This is known as placement of the hair follicles, which are extracted from the scalp and nape, to the required zones. Triple hair follicles at the nape are removed as a strip. The follicles removed are divided into equal groups and these groups are placed to the relevant zones by using special techniques. Before starting with the removal of these hair follicles, hair growth direction and line are taken into consideration. Fut technique may still be preferred today upon the patient’s request and the doctor’s approval.

In addition to this, while only local anesthesia was applied during the recent years, it is possible for you to have a more pain-free operation with sedation, a new anesthesia method. Sedation is the process of using the painkillers and relaxants together in order to eliminate the pain, anxiety and fear that may arise during the hair transplantation operation. In short, it is the state of sound sleep. It is an excellent application for those who have a great fear of pain although they want to have the procedure.

With the spreading of hair transplantation operations, hair transplantation centers have been opened at various locations both in the world and in Turkey. The rapid increase in the number of these hair transplantation centers has also caused a significant decrease in the hair transplantation prices. As a result of the decrease in prices, however, centers or clinics offering low quality hair transplantation operation have also been opened and very low quality hair transplantation procedures have taken place. If you prefer Natural Hair, you will notice the quality of hair transplantation.

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