Simple steps to avoid hair loss

Simple steps to avoid hair loss

Because we care about your health and we try all the time to give you the best care you need it; Natural Hair Turkey present to you today the most important advice from the best experts to avoid hair loss and get a healthy, natural and thick hair you can have it.

According to the specialists like the other organs, our hair needs some care from us to take care of your body and your hair; healthy body means healthy hair.
Avoid the hot tool usage like blow-dryers and chemical products as possible as you can; a soft towel is always a good choice for your hair. If you are in a hurry and you need to use a hairdryer to blow your hair just make sure to use a heat protection spray and use the blow dryer with low heat for minimal damage.

Avoid hair loss also with the choice of shampoo: choose a shampoo with the minimum chemical ingredients to keep your hair as strong and healthy as possible. In Natural Hair Turkey we advise using the NHTLab shampoo (alcohol-free, color free, paraben free…).

Eat healthily: diet is one of the important reasons for the hair loss; as we said a healthy body means healthy hair. The doctors in Natural Hair Turkey advice you:
– Green food is so important for your hair.
– Drink water like 2 liters per day.
– Take some vitamins like hair tablets from NHTLab to make your hair more strength and give it all the vitamins needed it.
In natural Hair Turkey, we advise you also to use the new spray from NHTLab. This spray helps the grafts to be more strong and healthy and it is without any side effects, you can take it this medicine without a prescription.

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