Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

Beard and mustache, effects the position of the person in social life as it does the same in hair. Element in the social life of the beard and mustache that determines the appearance of the person, if it is not found enough in person, you can get help from specialists about the subject.

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About Beard Transplantation

Total Process Duration 3 Days
Operation Duration 3-5 Hours
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia, Sedation
Certain Result Duration 4-6 Months
Success Rate %96
Who can make Any person who is over 18 and does not have any sickness
Operation Risks There are not any existing risks
Recovery Duration 7-10 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for a Beard - Moustache Transplantation?

The most common reasons that transport is needed for people who have bald or sparse and scattered beard. Beard cultivation, can be done when the hormones are settled in basal levels starting from the age of 20-22. In addition, this process is preferred for men who want to extend their favorites, liking the two-day beard, but being irregular or incomplete. As well as those without any beard, it can be applied to the ones who have empty pieces in the grown area. Likewise, it is the same as for men who has very sparse or non-mustache.

How long does the operation take?
Where will the application be in progress?
How long is the hospital stay?
In which cases should I consider Beard - Moustache Transplantation?
How are the patients evaluated by our doctors?
Will the Beard - Moustache Transplantation cause any pain / soreness?
After Beard - Moustache Transplantation will there be any bruises / swelling?
When will all the effects of the operation pass?
After Process What Should I Be Considered of? 

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