Guidelines after hair transplantation

Guidelines after hair transplantation

With the development of science and techniques, hair transplantation becomes easier and easier. Whatever techniques are used in agriculture, care must be taken of the cultivated area after the operation. At NATURAL HAIR TURKEY, we are always keen on successful hair transplantation in our hospital. Before the operation and until the appearance of hair in full, but it is necessary to have a desire to grow hair sufficient information to know how to care for the cultivated area after the process of hair transplant, and what are the health practices that must be followed after the process of hair transplant.

– You should sleep on a high pillow after the hair transplant, the doctor will tell you how to do this.
– A bandage is placed on the back of the head (hair area) after the operation, and the dressing is removed by the medical staff at the hospital.
– It is important to avoid abrasion of the area planted or injured by any harmful strikes for at least a week after the operation.
– Usually you should take an antibiotic will be informed by the doctor.
After hair transplantation, you should follow the instructions of the doctor in the method of washing hair and scalp, for more information about the process of hair washing, you can follow the following video.

– Do not drink alcohol and stop smoking for 3 days after the operation while taking them.
– After a month of exercise, you can return to normal exercise.
After hair transplant, there will be no swelling in the forehead and above the eyes because of the measures that you will follow according to the doctor’s advice.
– Your hair will begin to grow after 3 months from the date of your procedure but the appearance will be completed within one year from the date of the procedure or less depending on the thickness of the hair and the quality of the skin.
– Use a medical shampoo and avoid commercial shampoos which contain a concentration of chemicals that harm farm ferns, you can check our medical products at Natural Hare Laboratories Turkey
– The use of vitamins that strengthen the bulbs helps to grow the bulbs, you can see our medical products in the laboratories of Natural Hair Turkey

Finally, you can always communicate with your medical adviser to ask questions regarding the area planted. Your medical adviser will stay with you from the pre-operation stage until the hair is fully present.

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