Guidelines before hair transplantion

Guidelines before hair transplantion

Instructions should be followed before hair transplantation:

• A routine examination is performed prior to hair transplantation for HIV, hepatitis, and blood pigmentation.
• The patient should refrain from taking analgesics such as aspirin 10 days before the procedure. If you must use it permanently, you must take permission from the specialist who prescribed it before performing the procedure.
• If you take vitamins B and E, you should leave them before 10 days to benefit more.
• Alcohol should be avoided 48-72 hours before the procedure.
• Stop smoking for at least two weeks before the operation.
• On the morning of the operation, take a routine shower. But do not use any hair styling products such as gel and hair creams before coming to the process.
• When you come to the process, wear comfortable clothes easy to take off and wear.
• In the morning, a natural breakfast is served.
• Do not take coffee or other beverages containing caffeine on the day of the operation.
• If you have a chronic illness and are using a treatment for heart disease, blood pressure or diabetes, you should inform your doctor and authorize you to stop using it.
• If you have a certain sensitivity to the skin or a particular drug, inform your doctor.

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