Dental Operations

Dental operations

Implant Treatment

Implants are for people who lost teeth for various reasons, and it is to be replacing artificial tooth roots in the jawbone titanium. Implants provide function and aesthetics of natural teeth, which is the best alternative. According to the traditional coating and prosthetic implants, the application helps to provide a better speech and chewing function that enables convenient and reliable.

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Hollywood Smile

Not being able to smile freely is now a history! To design your smile to a more beautiful smile is now something you can reach. For a beautiful smile, first you will need to have compatible teeth that are compatible with your face structure and your lips. In addition, the smile design comes into play at this point.

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It is a treatment of deteriorating health of a tooth to restore the health to ensure to be kept in the mouth. The damaged, diseased, or dead pulp will be removed, and remaining the space cleaned, shaped, and filled. With this procedure, the root canal will be sealed.

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