Why Natural Hair Turkey?

Natural Hair Turkey is one of the best hair transplantation centers in turkey, even on the European level, and competing with the most advanced centers that started using (FUE) follicular unit extraction.

Natural Hair Turkey is one of the leading hair transplantation centers of Europe with its quality services, and the high patient satisfaction it provides.

As Natural Hair Turkey, we have successfully carried out more than 12500 hair transplantation operations which have changed the patients’ lives, mostly from European countries.

One of the reasons behind this huge success of our center is that we individually follow our patients’ recovery and hair-growth processes after the hair transplantation operations.

Each patient is checked by our consultants regularly for a year so that they act informed.

All of our operations are carried out in the most favorite, full-equipped and JCI accredited hospitals of Istanbul in very hygienic operation room environments.

Natural Hair Turkey, besides our high quality hair transplantation service, provides a perfect service in terms of accommodation in the most luxurious hotels and all airport-city transfers for our patients coming from abroad for their comfort.

  Our services:

Our center had applied more than 12500 hair transplantation operations in Turkey and abroad and many doctors applied it.

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