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Hair Loss Treatments in Natural Hair Turkey center contains PRP Treatment and Hair Mesotherapy.

PRP Hair Loss Treatmentعلاج تساقط الشعر

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment is an application helping to stop hair loss and to revive weak grafts.

The purpose of PRP treatment is to help your hair to gain its former health by reviving your grafts almost dead and hair turned into weak strands.

The elixir acquired by processing your own blood with a special method which separates white blood cells and blood platelets is applied to the area with no or few hair by injection.

The process of reviving the weak grafts with PRP treatment happens as follows : First, 10 cc (almost 1/10 of a tea glass) is taken from the patient’s venous blood. The blood centrifuged is separated in two as white and red blood. The red blood cell includes white blood cells, platelet, coagulation factors, PGF (Platelet Growing Factor). After a special processing, the red blood cells are injected to the thin-hair area with the napping technique. The basis of this method depends upon tissue renewal. After this process of 30 min. in total, the patient can go back to his daily life.

The application is done once in 15 days for three  months. After that, application once in a year is enough. 

PRP Hair Loss Treatment

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