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Who carries out the hair transplantation operation?

Hair transplantation operation is a surgical process and it must be carried out by an expert in his field. As Natural Hair Turkey, all our operations are applied by leading and experienced doctors in Turkey.

Where are the operations are applied?

Since hair transplantation operation is a surgical process, it must be applied in a full-equipped general hospital environment. As Natural Hair Turkey, we apply our operations in Yasar Hospital, one of the longest-established and famous hospitals in Istanbul.

How long does the operation take?

The length of the Hair transplantation operation depends on the number of hair grafts according to the patient’s hairless area to be operated. Besides, this may change between 6-8 hours.

Do I feel any pain during or after the operation?

Hair transplantation operation is carried out with local anaesthesia and no pain is felt during the operation. After operation, as long as necessary care is applied by considering our doctor’s recommendations to the transplanted area, there will be no pain or ache.

Is there left any scar after the hair transplantation operation?

We carry out our hair transplantation operations with the FUE method, which is the most developed one. As a result, neither in the donor area where the grafts are taken nor in the operation area, there will be left any scar after the operation.

Where is the transplanted hair taken from; and what is the amount?

The transplanted hair is taken from the up-nape, the donor area. The amount of the hair to be transplanted depends on the hair loss amount and the hair density of the donor area of the patient. Maximum 30% of the hair in the donor area is taken and with this way, the natural look on the nape area is not deformed.

Does the whole hair being transplanted grow out?

Since the hair grafts to be transplanted is taken from the nape area which is lack of hair loss genetics, whole of them grows out and keeps being alive life-long.

Does Hair transplantation have any side-effects?

There is not any recognized side-effect of hair transplantation.

How long does it take to go back to daily life after operation?

In 7-10 days after hair transplantation operation, all crusting is gone and you will have your normal appearance.

When does the transplanted hair start growing out?

The transplanted hair starts to grow out a month later. As a natural result of the operation, mostly a part, sometimes the whole transplanted hair is lost. This should not cause any panic. This lost hair grows out again in one-or-two month/s and after a period of 8-12 months, the results of the operation can be observed as a whole.

How long do I need to stay in Istanbul?

As Natural Hair Turkey, we host our all hair transplantation patients for 2 nights in Istanbul. On the first day, we apply our patient’s hair transplantation operation, on the second day is washing the scalp and the third day you can return or stay in Turkey for tourism and shopping, depending on your comfort.

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