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Eyebrow transplantation operation takes 1-2 hours with the local anaesthesia.

Eyebrow transplant

زراعة الحواجب
In this operation, the grafts taken by FUE technique with the help of micro motor are separated one by one and transplanted to the area wanted to be intensified or thickened.or eyebrow transplantation, grafts may be taken from different parts of the body.

However, the first preferred area is the nape area.The hair in the nape area are lifted up and shaved as a horizontal line in 1 cm width 5-10 cm length according to the number of grafts to be transplanted and the grafts are taken by using very tiny punches with the help of micro motor.

Since the area where the grafts are taken is very little, there is left no sign.İn general, while defining the eyebrow shape, we consider our patients’ views.

Most of the time, we define a temporary shape with temporary dying for shape and thickness to find the ideal shape of eyebrow and the transplantation process is applied according to this shape.

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