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The transplant of the beard and mustache or transplant of facial hair is one of the common sessions at Natural Hair Turkey. It is suitable and effective for healthy men who do not have a beard or basically have emptiness in some areas those men who have lost a part of the beard after being exposed to accidents or as a result of some sickness.

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Beard Transplant 

The nature of the beard and mustache is different than the nature of head, some people do not care about the lightness of beard hair nor importance, and for this reason the density in the operation of the beard and mustache is not the most important point, but the overall view and the natural shape is the most important in this operation

What is the method used in the transplant of the beard?

If there is a loss of hair in different areas, in this case the hair transplant must be applied according to the density of the areas that surround these areas free of hair, to be shown like normal.

But if the person has no full beard, in this case we leave the question of determining the density and shape of the beard for the person interested in the cultivation of the beard and we can grow between 1000 to 3000 grafts (hair follicles) within the form he chosen.

The process we use for beard transplant is the method of FUE funicular unit extraction, where we take the hair from the donor area (the back of the head, behind the ears, or chest hair) if there was a lack of hair at the donor area, and that for purpose of raising the hair percentage in the area must be planted.

And what we should mention here is, in case of disturbing density or undesired hair we can remove some of the hair through laser.

What happens after the procedure?

Does not leave any trace in the region extract from.

There will be some small blood points in the area planted because of the anesthesia needle used during planting the hair follicles, but they will be gone with the first wash. Then the body will start feeding the transplanted hair for this reason, you may notice slight redness in the area planted. Redness lasts from 1-2 weeks. In the second week, will fall some sections of the beard transplanted, and after 4-8 months, the transplanted hair will start to grow in the face naturally and permanently.

What is the method used in the transplant of the mustache?

The transplantation will be applied in the upper area of the lips in case of the absence of hair in the area or in the case of wounds or burns caused the disappearance of hair from the area. And to grow mustache also we use the method of follicular unit extraction to give the patient a great result and a natural look.

The extraction method enables us to take the largest number of follicles that we need to grow the mustache according to the density desired by the person.

We apply the extraction process using accurate devices, ranges between 0.6-0.7 mm in diameter. So the process is done without wounds and do not take a lot of time that effects the extracted follicles positively by keeping them fresh.


During the first 4-6 months the transplanted hair follicles begin to grow naturally.

In case of noticing any hairless areas after the transplantation our center will reapply the operation.

Generally, moustache and beard transplant is a simple, but sometimes there is some technical problems and it depends on the skill and the experience of the doctor in this domain. For this reason, this process should not be underestimated and should be applied by a specialist doctor.

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