The first week after Hair Transplant

The first week after getting hair transplant is the most important and difficult period, and for that Natural Hair Turkey provide to you the most important instructions to get through it.
After hair transplant, everybody starts getting worry about losing the implanted grafts especially before sleeping, getting shower and doing some normal activities. This our guide for you for the first week:
The first night after hair transplant operation we required to take a pain killers if you need it (you don’t have to take it if you are okay) and to sleep on your back so the donor zone be on the pillows, keeping your head elevated; You can use two pillows or a towel under the donor zone before you sleep.
You must get notice that the implanted zone should not touch anything especially in the first week.
It is normal to feel a little dizzy due to the local anesthesia but it is not necessary thanks to the new techniques and technologies you can expect to feel normal directly after the implantation.
The medicines required by the doctors are too important for the healing process that’s why you must take your antibiotics as recommended by your surgeon to avoid the infection.
The implanted areas will stay uncovered after the procedure to guarantee the safety of the grafts and even when you can put something as a hat on your head in the exterior we advise you to take it off immediately when you arrive to your work, home…
To wash your head after the operation you must to follow the doctor’s instructions; wash it with the warm water and low pressure.
Apply the lotion recommended by your doctor 30 min before your shower once a day, you can learn and watch the washing method on our channel YouTube by visiting this link you can also contact the care after operation department and they will answer all your questions.
No problem to come back to work if you need to but do not exhaust yourself especially the first days.
The redness and the swelling in the donor zone will disappear after 3 days and this area will return to normal after 3 weeks maximum.

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