What is The PRP Session?

PRP Session VS Hair Transplant
Everybody dreams of thick and healthy hair and that’s why when people start noticing that they are losing their hair they

start to panic. Let us first inform you that for a healthy adult it is normal to lose between 80 and 100 hair per day. When

the number is more than 100 hairs per day you must be concern. Second not all hair loss should makes us think of hair


Our doctors in Natural Hair Turkey see the hair transplant as a final solution for hair loss after we try everything else; in

some cases people just needs treatments or some vitamins that’s why we recommend you to consult your doctor first.

For some persons when they have a bad hair quality or when the donor zone in the back of their head isn’t thick enough

for a hair transplant, at this point the surgeons make sure first to make this part healthier after that they can decide the

procedure of hair restoration.

The PRP treatment is the most important treatment for hair and without any side effects because it is from the patient’s

own blood. In PRP we take some blood from the patient and processing to get the platelet-rich cells in simple terms we

just get the Planck plasma from the blood and we inject it in the scalp of the patient.

If you are suffering from hair loss but you don’t need hair transplant procedure the PRP treatment can restore your hair

and help it to become healthier and thicker.

Our doctors in Natural Hair Turkey suggest the PRP treatment after the hairs transplant procedure because it benefits

the head cells and stimulate the new grafts to give the maximum number of hair possible. The second benefice of PRP

treatment is making the period of healing quicker.

The PRP treatment can increase the hair growth but it is not a long treatment that’s why we in Natural Hair Turkey

advice you to use it in sessions and according to the final decision of the doctors.

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