What you should know about your hair?

Five things you have to know about your hair,

  1. We lose between 80 and the 100 hair per day; with all the stress, the climate change and the style of our live today it’s a normal to lose hair, according to the specialists this number is normal and nothing to be concern about for healthy people.
  2. According to the specialists in Pennsylvania State University Penn State the sun especially the ultraviolet ray of the sun damage our exposed skin after we lost our hair, the sun’s ultraviolet rays damaged our newly exposed skin, that’s why our body produce more melanin as a reaction, a pigment that absorbs the sun’s solar radiation.
  3. According to Yamaguchi University our hair knows when we are sleeping and when we are awake and can determine where you go; the difference between the climate, the difference of food and water and the pollution can influence your hair.
  4. We are born with 100.000 hair follicles on our hair, but our hair change between 4 and 7 years; in normal terms the women’s hair change more because of a lot of causes especially after pregnancy and giving birth.
  5. When we lost our hair we feel more cold than we have it; our hair can make a difference in the warmth of our body

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