Manual Punch for Hair Transplant

Are you suffering from hair loss? You have a scar or problems in your eyebrows or your beard?

Do you desire to have a look like the celebrities and have new, fresh and natural new look

permanently? It is doable today with Natural Hair Turkey.

The technique FUE is the newest procedure of the hair transplant; it is the new solution for all

the hair loss and the most problems of hair without pain, without scars and in 8 hours max. In

Natural Hair Turkey we believe that your health and your happiness is our proprieties and our

responsibilities that’s why we try to follow all the technology inventions to give you the best

results and to make your hair transplant an unforgettable experience and that’s why we present

to you our newest technique the manual punch.

The manual punch is a technique used to separate the graft one by one from the donor zone in

the back of the head but it is operated by hand. It is a lot more save for the grafts than the

automatic punch because it allows the surgeons to know the quality of the hair, provide tactile

feedback as they punch the grafts in regards to resistance in tissue and hair shafts, and to feel

the difference between the good grafts and the others.

The second advantage of the manual punch also is to define the fragility of the hair’s skin and

the graft’s angle to get a better idea of how to line up the hair and to give you more natural

look. So as a procedure take more time than the automatic but the results is guaranteed no

grafts will be loosened.

To get a natural look with a thick hair like you wish it is important to have the maximum number

of grafts possible that’s why Natural hair Turkey present to you what we believe that you need;

the procedure is more saver for the follicular units (the micro-motor punch produce heat may

harm the grafts, with the manual grafts no heat needed).

According to the specialists the results of getting a hair transplant increase to 20% more than

the micro-motor punch.

The manual punch is a procedure you can find it just in few hospitals in the world and one of

them is Natural Hair Turkey.

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