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Healthcare in Turkey

Healthcare in Turkey has special attention by the Turkish government.

Turkey has become one of the leading three health centrals in the World thanks to the health technology and substructure, experienced doctors, modern sterile hospitals which are World-wide accredited.

Each year, 150.000 foreign patients in average are getting treatments in specific fields in Turkey, which is the new healthcare centre of Europe.

There are 42 healthcare facilities, accredited as per international standards, in Turkey.

Primarily in İstanbul and in Ankara, private, public and university hospitals are equipped with the latest technologies in the world.

Many hospitals in Turkey provide oncological treatments, cardiovascular surgery, orthopaedics, brain surgery, paediatric surgery, aesthetics surgery, and hair transplantation, ophthalmic and dental treatments with high technology.

In these hospitals, Cyberknife, robotic surgery, MR services, bone marrow and organ transplantation are provided.

There are translation services in Arabic, English, German and Russian within the health tourism department of the Ministry of Health 7/24, with 112 in emergency cases, and with 184 numbered phones in case of complaint cases.

All doctors have to have occupational obligatory insurance, and in any case of fault or malpractice, the patient is immediately paid compensation by this insurance.

All of our hospitals provide services according to the international accreditation criteria and they are inspected twice in a year.

All of the processes and coordination regarding the health tourism are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health. All of 74 million people living in Turkey have to have health insurance and they get healthcare services both from private and public and university hospitals.

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