Natural Hair Turkey Hair Transplant Surgery Stages

Hair Transplant Surgery Stages

Hair transplant surgery stages divided into seven stages and take from six to nine hours, sometimes goes to twelve hours in the case of session was double.

1-Step – Local anaesthesia application

First step of the operation is numbing the hairy skin of the patient with local anaesthesia. Thanks to this, the patient stays awake during the operation. He can watch TV, eat food, read, but do not feel any pain.

2- Step – Taking the grafts to be transplanted

In FUE technique, it is not necessary to pull down a strip from the nape and stich. From back and side of the hairy skin or from any other proper areas (back, shoulder, chest, etc.) with the devices developed for this process the hair roots are taken as grafts. (This process is known as “one by one” colloquially.)

3-Step – Defining natural hair line

One of the most important points of a successful hair transplantation operation is to define the natural hair line. Hair line must be symmetric and harmonious; must be defined in proportion with the patient’s face shape. Besides features, it must be also defined in accordance with the hair lost type. The experience and aesthetic creativity of the operation team is effective while defining the hairline. Because of the fact that this defined hair line will be permanent for decades, the purpose is to define the ideal line in terms of shape and localization.

At that stage, by listening to the expectations and views of the patient, the hair line which to provide the most natural look is defined.

4-Step – Opening the canals

The process of opening the canals is the process of opening the places in the area where the transplantation is to be done with special canal openers prepared in line with you hair grafts’ density and depth. Opening canal process is the most step of hair transplantation. The canals are opened by considering the natural direction and angles of the hair. So, the hair transplantation operation provides a natural look and cannot be distinguished from outside.

5-Step – Placing the grafts to the canals

<p style=”text-align: left;”>At this step, the grafts taken from the nape area are transplanted to the canals. During this process, special forceps are used. The patient does not feel any pain or ache since he is locally anaesthetized.</p>

6-Step – Washing the hair

One of the most important steps after hair transplantation is the hair-washing step. Since the scabs after the hair transplantation may prevent the nutrition of the grafts, thw washing process is carried out. This process is carried out by our team with special shampoo and lotions one day after the operation.

7-Step – Back to normal life

The transplanted hair grafts get stronger in almost 7 days.  In this periods, careful washing-ups help to remove the scabs. Your transplanted hair keeps growing up for 2-3 weeks and then starts to be lost. Sometimes partially, sometimes as a whole it is lost. Your hair cells start to grow up again after a few-weeks resting period. In front-side transplantations, in 6-8 months, in top-side transplantations, in 8-12 months, your hair grws up to its natural look.

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