Natural Hair Turkey Hair Transplant Recovery Time

Hair Transplant Recovery Time

Hair transplant recovery time consists of many stages,  this stages are normal and will pass by all of the hair transplant process

Period Hair-taken area Transplanted area
1.Day There might be a little ache – abirritation Wash your hair softly as our doctor recommended.
2 – 3. Day No ache. Abirritation may continue. Most of the scabs in the hairy skin will disappear. There will be a little rush. Rarely there might be a little swelling.
4-6. Day If there is scab, you can remove it by washing. Rarely little swelling or not at all.
1.Week Numbness may continue in rare cases. Little rush or not at all.
10.Day If there are still crabs, remove them smoothly. Transplanted grafts now hold on the skin.
2.Week A part of the transplanted hair starts to be lost. May go back to normal washing.
3.Week Most of the transplanted hair is lost.
1.Month Grafts are in resting period. You may dye your hair if you wish.
2-5. Month Generally no numbness is left. Lost hair began to grow up again. First growing hair are thin.
6-9. Month This area is completely back to its first structure. Hair begins to be thick and to grow up again slowly. Growing up continues.
1.Year Transplanted hair is now in its last and natural look.

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