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Before Hair Transplantation Operation

Before Hair Transplantation Operation

– HIV, Hepatitis and Hemogram routine tests must be done before the operation.
– If you are taking aspirin, it is useful to stop 10 days before. İf you have to use it continuously, it is useful to give up after taking the approval of an expert of internal diseases or cardiology.
– If you are taking Vitamin B or E (Multivitamin), it is beneficial to stop using those 10 days before.
– You should stop drinking alcohol at least 48-72 hours before.
– Have a shower in the morning before the transplantation but do not use hair conditioners or such as spray or gels.
– Pick up comfortable clothes while coming to the operation.
– Have a normal breakfast in the morning.
– Do not drink caffeine-included drinks such as coffee on the day of transplantation.
– If you have a chronic disease or if you are on any medicine, you must tell these to our doctors beforehand. (Heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetics, etc.)

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