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After Hair Transplant instructions

Do you know that first reason of hair transplant operation success is the care after transplant? Here we share with you what you have to do after hair transplant surgery.

  • Sleep on a high pillow. Our doctor will describe you this.We will put a little bandage on your head after the operation. You may remove it the next day.
  •  Antibiotic use is generally not necessary. Our doctor will inform you about this.
  • You should start washing your hair by following our doctor’s recommendations. For the first day, 4 times, the other days, 2 times is enough.
  • Do not use alcohol for the first 3 days after the operation.
  • You can start doing some limited-exercises 1 week later the operation.
  • There is generally no swelling on the forehead and eye area thanks to the precautions we take.
  • Your transplanted hair will start to grow in 3 months. There might be partial hair loss, and this is very normal. To get a satisfactory result, you need to check after one-year in average.


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